About Me

Hi I am Frank Bow and I (maybe like yourself) reached 60 and thought I need to shed some of the weight I am carrying around with me.

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60 And Overweight

I had reached 60 and was very unfit and carrying a lot of weight (See Above) through eating the wrong food and drinking beer at the weekends. I had seen a lot of overweight people about the same age as me, maybe a little older when I visited my doctor’s surgery. Some of them were really struggling to walk and I thought I don’t want to end up being like that so I set about looking into changing my lifestyle.

Lifestyle Change

So I set about looking for a way of eating that would suit me. I had tried lots of diets in the past, and even though they worked and I lost weight I always put it back on and more. I started researching healthy eating on the internet as you are now. I was particularly interested in the mediterranean diet and wanted to find out more.

I didn’t want to be on a diet as such I just wanted an eating policy were I could gradually lose weight over a year. I found lots of information on the mediterranean way of eating and I thought it was something I could try.

Starting Weight

I found it wasn’t hard to change my eating habits and soon got into it. I started on January 2nd 2018 age 61 and the plan was to try and lose a pound a week over a year. So 52lb was my target, I got on the scales and I was 16st 4lb or 228lbs. I still can’t get used to metric weights but I just looked it up and I was 101.6kg.

Finishing Weight

I began to lose about a pound sometimes 2 a week. I had to take into consideration my holidays as I don’t hold back when I am away. I would put about 7 lb back on in those weeks. I did this in the knowledge that I knew I would get the weight back off and get back on track going towards my target. At the end of the year I was 12 st 4 lbs so I had lost a total of 56 lb, just above my target.


Keeping It Off

Losing the weight was a challenge I can’t deny that, but keeping it off is an even bigger challenge. I had never managed it in the past so that was  a problem. I have managed to only gain 6 pounds in the last 14 months  as I write this (March 2020)  and that was because of the christmas and new year celebrations. .

I know I lost my weight with the Mediterranean diet but I am still interested in learning about other diets and the results people have with them.


I have put a bit of the weight back on during lock down, you may be in the same boat and that is why you are searching for answers to how you can lose weight. I have been taking an interest in the Keto diet as I have been hearing good things about it and the more I researched it the more I liked the look of it.

I will be starting the Keto Diet at the beginning of 2022. I will be recording my results for everyone to see, so keep calling back throughout 2022 to see my results. Also, if you too are going to do the Keto diet keep me updated on your results at the email address below or in the comments on the posts I do.

I have decided to dedicate this site to everything I can find on the Keto diet. I am going to point people in the right direction regards to the Keto diet, with articles, food lists, products, book etc.. you may like, to help you in your mission of losing weight.

Thanks for reading this to the end and  I hope the story of my original weight loss inspires you to make a start on a new way of eating. Take it slowly and give yourself a year of gradually getting lighter, it is amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it whichever diet you choose to follow.

I have faith in you,


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